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Andrea Henderson

Andrea Henderson


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Elementary and Middle School Lessons

As a former middle school French teacher, I observed that kids love music and sing along with a song at every opportunity. My students were natural mimics. They listened and responded to songs in an unselfconscious manner and repeated the lyrics almost verbatim. With my younger students, I frequently use music to practice pronunciation, to enhance listening skills and to stimulate their imagination. I created listening exercises for vocabulary that students already knew, and this material became the springboard for cultural connections.

The following examples were designed for novice Level One learners but they can easily be adapted for upper elementary, middle school and first year high school students. The three Fredericks Goldman Jones songs used in these examples were chosen for their simplicity and offer numerous opportunities for cross-curricular activities.

Objectives: Enhance vocabulary, improve listening skills, practice pronunciation, make connections to other subject areas and compare cultures. Pre-listening, listening and post listening activities included.

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