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Petit Joss école urbaine mixte
An Interview with Carole Fredericks - Middle/High School/College Level
Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! - Advanced Level
Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! - Elem/Middle School
Couleurs et parfums - High School/College Level
Couleurs et parfums - Elem/Middle School Level
Paris: The Experience - Beyond the Eiffel Tower

Couleurs et parfums:
Apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks

Now that students are engaged through the visual medium of music videos in Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit!, you can enhance their cultural appreciation and comprehension of French with the new unit, Couleurs et parfums: Apprendre le français grâce à l'héritage de Carole Fredericks CD and Activity Book.

Couleurs et parfums

Add the Couleurs et parfums unit to your established curriculum to enhance listening comprehension, language usage, and pronunciation. Reinforce the 5 C's standards and grammar with more great music from Carole Fredericks.


Couleurs et parfums is an innovative unit designed to reinforce listening comprehension, language usage, and pronunciation skills.

Purpose: Add-on, works well in conjunction with established French curriculum. Supports the 5 C's: Communication, Connection, Comparisons, Cultural, and Community.

Grade level: High School to College

Unit includes: 1- spiral bound Activity Book (52 pages), and 11 authentic French language songs

Activity Book: Introduction by John Beaver; Acknowledgments by Connie Fredericks-Malone, Carole Fredericks' Biography; Song lyrics; Lessons for each song; Corrigé

Lessons include: All new reproducible exercises for each song, song lyrics, vocabulary lists and exercises.

Music Format: 11 songs on 1-CD

Song list: The CD delivers a blend of rap, and rhythm & blues inspired songs served up en français. Qu'est-ce qui t'amène, J'ai le sang blues, Respire, Le prix à payer, Mighty Love, Au bout de mes rêves, Ecope, new Veille (French adaptation of Vain), Tu es là and Kaai Djallema (Time After Time, duet/Wolof and English) and Personne ne saurait. The CD is conveniently housed in a plastic sleeve on the inside back cover of the unit Activity Book.

Developed and written by: John Beaver has taught French and English at the secondary and post-secondary levels in Canada. Since his retirement from Hillfield-Strathallan College in Hamilton, Ontario, where he was Director of Arts, he has written and produced a number of educational publications.

Published by: Tralco Educational Services, Inc. in cooperation with CDF Music Legacy LLC and the Carole D. Fredericks Foundation.

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