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Petit Joss école urbaine mixte
An Interview with Carole Fredericks - Middle/High School/College Level
Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! - Advanced Level
Tant Qu'Elle Chante, Elle Vit! - Elem/Middle School
Couleurs et parfums - High School/College Level
Couleurs et parfums - Elem/Middle School Level
Paris: The Experience - Beyond the Eiffel Tower

An Interview with Carole Fredericks

Born into an African American family with deep cultural roots in the Carolinas and West Indies, Carole Fredericks moved to Paris in 1979 to pursue her dream of a music career. Leaving her country behind but not her roots, she emerged as a powerful singer who wove the passionate threads of gospel, blues, rock, and R&B into a uniquely French tapestry.

The story of Carole Fredericks and her rise to popularity as a singer and humanitarian in France is a tribute not only to her musical talent but also to her determination and cultural literacy. Her fluency in French allowed her to achieve a successful music career in France, throughout Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.

An Interview with Carole Fredericks is 15 segments taken from a 1999 unfinished documentary about Fredericks’ life in France. Each segment address a specific aspect of Carole’s experience. Collectively, the interviews provide students and instructors with a rare opportunity to step into Carole’s world and to hear her candid observations about her life as well as her impressions of France. The interview is a revealing insight into her personality.

An Interview with Carole Fredericks

Purpose: This unit also offers numerous opportunities for cross-cultural, cross-curricular study in social studies, music, multi-cultural and/or African American Studies departments. Explore Ms. Fredericks’ personal traits and the strategies she employed to become so successful in her work. Explore French, Canadian and African recording artists

Grade level: Middle/High School - College/University, Adult

Unit includes: 1 - spiral bound Book (32 pages) and 1 DVD disc

Workbook content: Introduction by Connie Fredericks-Malone, Biography, To the Instructor (Teaching Suggestions), Welcome and 14 Chapters, Questions only pages, Helpful Websites

Interview Format: 1-DVD disc conveniently housed in a plastic sleeve on the inside back cover of the unit Book. Welcome and 14 Chapters that include responses by Carole Fredericks in French.

Published by: Carole D. Fredericks Foundation, Inc. Canandaigua, NY

Video samples: (Click links to view)

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