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The Foundation provides teachers with authentic French language materials and easy to use, classroom tested lesson plans and related methodologies that engage students, teach french language skills and promote the study of francophone cultures.

Message from the Director, Connie Fredericks-Malone

Bonne année! Happy New Year! Welcome 2016! As the new year begins I am delighted to announce that the Carole D. Fredericks Foundation will collaborate with the Wells International Foundation on some very worthy projects this year. The Wells International Foundation (WIF) focuses on empowering women, STEAM subjects for girls, travel abroad, the arts and more. Founder Dr. Monique Wells and I met years ago in Paris where she lives. I am looking forward to expanding the goals and reach of the Carole Fredericks Foundation by being involved with WIF's outreach. Read more about the Wells International Foundation here:


There are numerous examples of African American artists who were, and are, very successful in France. Yet their accomplishments remain unknown and often uncelebrated in their native country. Thus were the cases of Carole Fredericks and Beauford Delaney. In 1979 when 27 year old Carol Fredericks left The United States of America for Paris to pursue a singing career, she followed in a time-honored tradition featuring Josephine Baker in the Twenties, Richard Wright in the Forties and James Baldwin in the Fifties. Expressionist painter Beauford Delaney made the same journey 30 years before Carol. Now with the help of Les Amis de Beauford Delaney in partnership with the Wells International Foundation(WIF)and Reid Hall an exhibition of original Beauford Delaney works will be presented at Reid Hall in Paris in February 2016!

Read more about this marvelous project and the artist here:


View this great overview of Carole Fredericks, African American Chanteuse!