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The Foundation provides teachers with authentic French language materials and easy to use, classroom tested lesson plans and related methodologies that engage students, teach french language skills and promote the study of francophone cultures.

Message from the Director, Connie Fredericks-Malone

Connie Fredericks-Malone directrice de la Fondation Carole Fredericks

Congratulations on the launch of the new web magazine Femmes au pluriel! We are thrilled that Femmes au pluriel posted a recent interview with Carole Fredericks Foundation Director, Connie Fredericks-Malone. See full interview here: FEMMES AU PLURIEL.

Connie Fredericks-Malone Sings at Festival of African Culture

Our director also contributed her singing talents in support of Journée Histoire et Renaissance (Day of History and Rebirth) Festival. View the story here: DISCOVER PARIS!

View this great overview of Carole Fredericks, African American Chanteuse!